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Hello and I thank you for visiting! I am Courtney Regan and have spent many years capturing moments in time.


I am a Boston native and award-winning photographer who started out many years ago. My passion is travel and urban photography. Be it scenes from the High Sierra in California, Cape Cod sunrises, Moto bike madness in Vietnam or Buddhist Monks at the Angkor temples of Cambodia. To travel is to live!


Every one of my photos has a back story to it. Sometimes embarrassing (falling into a Cambodia waterfall with camera in-hand) or mesmerizing (sleeping next to a glacier in Iceland).  Capturing other cultural experiences and poignant moments.  


All photos on site are available for sale.  I can help you select one based on  your tastes and where you might want to display it. Let me know.


If you have any questions, please email me directly courtney@paintbypixels.com or use the contact form on the left side of this page. 







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